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About ANHQ

Association des Naturopathes Holistiques du Québec (ANHQ) is an independent non-profit organization representing naturopathic practitioners in Quebec. The mission of the Association is to promote the science of naturopathic medicine and to foster the high standards of professional practices.

About Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine is based on the belief that the human body has a self-healing ability. It combines modern medical science with natural forms of therapy to promote, restore and maintain health. In recent decades, people are dissatisfied with high tech solutions to health problems and have increased demand for naturopathic services to improve their health, provide preventive healthcare, and give favorable lifestyle counseling.     


The principles of Naturopathic Medicine include:


- Do no harm: utilize natural methods and substances with the least risk;

- Use the healing power of the nature: support the self-healing process of the human body by removing obstacles to the health;

- Treat the underlying causes of disease rather than symptoms;

- Treat the whole person: every aspect of the individual should be considered and brought into harmonious balance;

- Prevention is preferable to cure.

- Emphasize education: address the lifestyle factors and encourage self-responsibility.

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